12 Balance Shooting Drills for Basketball Players

Every single skill in the game of basketball drastically decreases when you are off balance — especially the skill of shooting! Here are 12 killer balance s…


  1. Marlon Borreo says:

    Ending was so cool! :)

  2. pupung budi purnama says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing, I will do these in next practice routines.

  3. ton obar says:

    how many counts can you recommend?

  4. lorenzo morris says:

    I love this soundtrack. Do you know what it is

  5. kyle winn-raoc says:

    love the ending!!! hahaahaaah

  6. Luís Alves says:

    Is it ok to jump while shooting in this drill?

  7. Balla Baby says:


  8. moneyboyt1 says:

    I dont understand why woild someone wanna dislike this video. This video is
    obviously helping everyone in need but some would dislike it?!?! Like why
    click on the video if your just there to dislike it because you have
    nothing else better to do. This video is for those in need so before you
    decide to dislike it think about why you came here in the first place and
    think about the help your geting from someone who decides to do us a big
    favor. Anyway thank you for the help +Stronger Team I always enjoy watching
    your videos they help out a lot.

  9. MrTrollTurtlePlays says:

    Great video, definatly will help me out! What shoes are they?

  10. zack son says:

    I’ve been to that school!

  11. Erna Prabha says:

    nice,.. like this video,. it really help me on court

  12. Atem Deng says:

    Nice one

  13. Alexander Astafichev says:

    Thank you Alan for this great video! Best of luck! 

  14. RazorsRide says:

    Good video!
    What are your shoes? :p

  15. Spuros Durant says:

    nice video What song is?

  16. Emily Mesa says:

    Your boys are ADORABLE. <3

  17. Sebastian Troszczyński says:

    Thanks for every videos of this channel, i will improve my skills every day
    and take into account your tips! i will recommend this channel to my
    teammates! PG 170cm Seba from poland! from “UKS Przyszłość Zielonka” and
    “Big Mike Academy” Teams! ;D

  18. Micah Sullivan says:

    Should you do these drills in game speed or the same speed as the guy in
    the video? 

  19. Is that DeMetha?

  20. JJPJ23ALLSTAR says:

    Your training methods are like pandoras box
    pure enlightenment

  21. keith4799 says:

    Are you not suppose to jump for your shot or is it just because he’s at the
    free throw

  22. fifi24able says:


  23. Atem Deng says:

    Nice one

  24. Isaac Lambert says:

    Thank you do much for your drills. They will improve my game soo much!

  25. kocianmichal says:

    Good idea with this kind of balance shooting drills. For which age is it
    suitable? And what is your opinion is proper hand work or foot work more
    important for shooting? Go on with these drills I love it ;)

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